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Yes, we’ll call them out! Fraudulent clicks will be sent to a warning page where they will be notified that we have detected their presence, and they will be warned regarding nature of their infraction and the cost of potential litigation when caught and prosecuted.

Recover lost money. With Grey Cloak you’ll have the ammunition you need to recover overpayment for fraudulent clicks. You’ll receive a detailed report for requesting compensation from your online advertising vendor. Your report of fraud will include the times and dates of the occurrences along with offending IP Addresses, locations, and referring URLs.

Intruder Lock Down – Securing your URL

Grey Cloak extinguishes future illegitimate clicks’ by combatting questionable traffic with multilevel filters and blocks their pathways permanently. The fraudulent click paths are systematically blocked from interfacing with targeted banners and ads.

Infiltrator ID – Spotting Hitbots and Malicious Clicks

By collecting important data points in real time, through several levels of intel based on pattern recognition, IP practices and black lists, our filter algorithms identify and qualify malicious clicks.

Development Arrested – Real Time Click-through Protection

In addition to providing fully detailed reporting on fraudulent clicks to your ad, including their IP addresses, suspicious clicks will be dealt with in real time, with real deterrents.  Grey Shield’s proprietary TrueClick system swiftly disarms automated scripts and bots as they are discovered. Our programs quickly discontinue intended multiple clicks and disables hostile programming.